Rewire your Money Beliefs, Goals & Habits

We adopt beliefs about money from our families, socio-cultural environment, and significant life events. We can think of them as scripts of a play that are handed to us. Often, we don't even know who the author is of our scripts. But what if we can rewrite our own money story?

This book does not tell you to change what you do with your money. Instead, it offers mindsets to change how you think about money. The idea behind money mindsets is to become aware of why we do what we do with our money, so that we can rewire our own behaviours.

🧪 Science-Based Stories

Engaging stories rooted in scientific research help us understand how early money experiences impact our financial behaviours today.

🧠 Explore Nine Mindsets

Synthesised from the latest knowledge in behavioural economics, evolutionary psychology, and neuroscience, grounded in the wisdom of yogic philosophy.

🤔 Pause and Reflect

Rewire your early money relationship with transformative questions to improve your financial wellbeing.

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BONUS CHAPTER: What "money archetype" am I ?