Behavioural By Design "LAB"

Becoming a behaviourally-informed team

Build capability

We equip teams with tools to generate and test behaviourally-informed ideas using behavioural science and design frameworks

Mindsets for innovation

We embed curiosity, experimentation and compound learning into the "lab" modules to invoke an innovation mindset across your organisation

Psychological Safety

We create a culture of psychological safety with leadership teams that empowers people to learn, play and experiment with behavioural science
Are you curious about starting a "lab"?
Vishal George
Chief Behavioural Scientist
Let's explore how we can equip your team with behavioural science tools

Behavioural by Design Toolkit

for behaviour change

to behavioural innovation

Roadmap to launch the "lab".

Module 1. Explore hidden influences
Surfacing the "hidden influences" on human behaviour

🧠 Framework for avoiding unintended consequence

🧠 Mapping to identify factors influencing behaviour change

Module 2. Identify opportunities
Discovering possible behaviour change opportunities
🧠 Explore relevant behavioural insights from multiple sources

🧠 Using the "EAST framework" to define opportunity space
Module 3. Co-create behavioural ideas
Generating more behaviourally-informed ideas
🧠 Get familiar with the language of behavioural science

🧠 Applying our "24 PATHWAYS" cards to generate new ideas
Module 4. Experiment design
Run an experiment to test your ideas
🧠 Generate hypotheses for behaviour change

🧠 Tracking metrics that matter with "experiment cards"
Module 5. Incremental innovation
Celebrating the small wins

🧠 Scale your behavioural innovation for diverse needs

🧠 Create shared understanding for ethics in applying behavioural science
Module 6. Pause and reflect
Building a culture for "lab" experiments

🧠 Qualify as a Behavioural by Design Change-Maker in your organisation

🧠 Reflect on what support systems will enable teams to continue learning and experimenting