IKEA effect

Research. Participants were assigned to one of two groups.Some assembled a plain black IKEA storage box and others were given the opportunity to inspect a fully assembled box. Both groups were given $5 and asked how much they were willing to pay for the box. Those who assembled their own box were willing to pay 63% more than those that just inspected the box.

Norton, M. I., et al. (2012). The IKEA effect: When labor leads to love

“The value of a dollar is social, as it is created by society.”

Pro tip. When a creation is destroyed, the IKEA effect collapses. It is crucial to show the progress throughout the journey of development to keep individuals and teams motivated.

Thought starters.

» Allow people to create parts of the offering themselves » Instil a feeling of ownership and pride in what people help build to serve themselves » Encourage people to share their ideas and work with others collaboratively for a common goal