Goal-gradient effect

Research. In a field experiment, researchers distributed 300 loyalty cards to car wash patrons. Half of the cards required 10 stamps for a free wash but they came with 2 free stamps. The other half required 8 stamps. While both required 8 stamps for a free car wash, patrons that received the loyalty card with 2 free stamps returned faster for their next stamps and were 15% more likely to complete the card to receive a free car wash.

Nunes et al. (2006). Your loyalty program is betraying you

“While rats run faster as they approach food, humans raise their game when approaching a goal.”

Pairing. Try combining with (C5) Psychology of Chunking.

Thought starters.

» Show people that there is a visible finish line and give them bonus points for starting » Tailor the experience for the individual » Show people what they will miss out if they drop off