Framing effect

Research. During academic term, vegetable dishes were labelled up in different ways for 600 or so dinners. For example, in the basic label, the description of carrots was simply "carrots" and in the indulgent label, the description was "twisted citrus-glazed carrots".

Seductive names resulted in 25% more people selecting the vegetable compared with basic labelling.

Turnwald et al. (2017) Between Indulgent Descriptions and Vegetable Consumption.

“Choices can be presented in a way that highlights the positive or negative aspects of the same decision.”

Pairing. Try combining with (O5) Halo effect.

Thought starters.

» Use captivating language terms to frame the offering as unique and desirable » Make the positive attributes of the offering salient and memorable » Compare with other choices sharing similar features but worse-off on certain attributes