Default effect

Research. When it comes to donating organs, countries that we think of as very similar, behave very differently.Few people donate organs in countries where you need to ‘opt-in’ by checking a box, such as, UK (17%), Germany(12%) and Denmark (4%). In countries where you need to actively ‘opt-out’, such as, France (99%), Austria (99%) andSweden (86%), many more donate. Since people don’t opt-out in these countries, they simply go with the flow and donate organs.

Johnson et al. (2003). Do defaults save lives?

“Even a dead fish can go with the flow.”

Pairing. Try combining this with (O7) Social norms - descriptive norms.

Thought starters.

» Make the preferred option the standard path to follow » Highlight the benefits people may miss out on if they select other options » Explain why many other people opt for this option in a similar situation