Research. When residents in Palo Alto were asked to put up a large billboard in their lawn for the ‘Drive Safely’ campaign, only 18% agreed. Nearby, almost all residents initially agreed to put up a 3 inch sticker with the same message and then when these residents were asked to put up the large billboard, 76% of them agreed.

Cialdini (2007). The Psychology of Persuasion

“Everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. We build ourselves out of that story.”

Pro tip. This pathway is most effective sequentially, first asking someone to make a tiny step in the right direction and then asking them to take bigger steps that are better aligned with their new self image.

Thought starters.

» Start with the simplest action someone can take » Encourage people to feel good about contributing positively towards a higher goal » After the simple action, invite people to participate in a bigger step towards this goal