Choice overload

» Start with the simplest action someone can do » Make your audience feel good about contributing positively towards a higher goal » After the simple action, invite your audience to participate in a bigger step towards this goal

Research. In the classic ‘jam experiment’, shoppers at an upscale food market saw a display of 6 varieties of jam on some days and 24 jams on other days. Counter intuitive to the belief that more choice will increase sales, the experimenters found shoppers were 10 times more likely to make a purchase when they were limited to just 6 varieties of jam.

Iyengar et al. (2000). When Choice is Demotivating

“Less is more.”

Case study. To prevent choice overload, while still meeting wider consumer needs, Starbucks keeps a separate ‘secret menu’. This has over 80,000 variants of coffee that you can order from on request, in addition to regular items on the menu.