New Horizons in Experimental Behavioural Science


Session for the day: Our decision making is influenced by a whole host of biases, and very often we are not even aware of them. In this discussion, we will explore the latest techniques from behavioural science using online experiments for understanding these biases and testing concepts in a safe environment.

Watch Jo and Vishal for a discussion on the New Horizons in Experimental Behavioural Science.

Jo Evershed is Founder CEO of Gorilla Experiment Builder, a powerful, flexible and intuitive platform for running behavioural research online. An Innovate UK Women in Innovation Award Winner, Jo is passionate about providing behavioural scientists with tools to liberate their work from the lab and accelerate the creation of evidence-tested interventions. Based in Cambridge, UK, Gorilla now boasts thousands of users globally, and is trusted by top institutions including UCL, University of Oxford, LSE and Cambridge University as well as a variety of commercial agencies and public sector organisations.

Vishal is our Chief Behavioural Scientist at Behavioural by Design. He's on a crusade to make behaviour change tools more accessible for teams creating wellbeing-centric experiences.

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