The Ergonomics of Community Wellbeing

Mental Health Awareness Week Event. Watch the panel discussion with Viliami Toafa & James Heimuli from The Cause Collective along with Leanna Dey & Vishal George from Behavioural by Design to explore the topic of Integrating Pacific Health Models with Behavioural Science for Wellbeing.

In our conversation, we uncover the following topics -

1. What do we mean when we talk about wellbeing in our community? How does wisdom from Pacific models play a role in shaping how we think about community wellbeing?

2. What is behavioural science and how is it helpful in the context of community wellbeing? How can methodologies from behavioural science play a role in understanding and changing our behaviours?

3. What does a framework integrating Pacific Health Models with behavioural science look like ?

"But that's assuming that the system is working. It's not working, in most places we are working with, and hence the reason why we exist (The Cause Collective) - to see how we can marry up the abstractions of systems to the realities of communities." - Viliami Moli Toafa, Cause & Effect Architect

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