Humanity-centered behavioural design

Ruth and Vishal explore the emergence of behavioural design with the New Zealand behavioural science network. The discussion focuses on integrating behavioural science, design and systems thinking to transition from individual level behaviour change to a more sustainable system level change.

Ruth Schmidt (guest speaker) is an associate professor at the Institute of Design at Chicago’s Illinois Institute of Technology. Her work sits at the intersection of behavioural economics and humanity-centered design, combining strategic design methodologies, an understanding of latent human needs, and behavioural insights to inform ethical solutions to applied challenges across a range of complex systems and industries—such as health care, financial services, education, and public policy—as well as new tools, frameworks, and conceptual models that are informed by insights into human judgment and decision-making.

Vishal George (host) is the Chief Behavioural Scientist at Behavioural by Design - making behaviour change tools accessible for teams in New Zealand, Australia and across the world.


Ruth Schmidt (Work and blog) - Introducing a strategic design sensibility into behavioral design

Sarah and Ruth's article (must read) - A New Model for Integrating Behavioral Science and Design

Article (Angus Deaton on RCTs) - Limitations of randomised controlled trials

Webinar (exploreID + Action Design Network) - Behavioral Design

Guide (Vishal article on measurement) - Behavioural Economics Guide 2016

Book (Ruth's recommendation) - Automating Inequality

Book (Leanna's recommendation) - Beyond sticky notes

Guide (Leanna's recommendation) - A Social Designer’s Field Guide to Power Literacy

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