Behavioural Product Design in Emerging Markets

HumSafer x Behavioural by Design “lab” session

Join Sumedh and Vishal for this discussion on the value of thinking “behaviourally” in product design.

Topics covered in this conversation:

— journey of a behavioural product designer (00:00 to 13:10)

— designing for chaos in emerging markets (13:10 to 33:48)

— examples of nudges to improve driver safety and wellbeing (33:48 to 44:56)

— questions and reflections (44:56 to 60:00)

Sumedh Mane is the Chief Product Officer (CPO) at HumSafer. With a product management background and foundations in Human Centred Design, he has worked with various tech startups across different industries.

Developed in collaboration with Goodmind, HumSafer’s app has potential to save thousands of lives on the road. Everyday India loses over 400 lives in road accidents. While 65% of these are due to truck collisions, many accidents are caused due to lack of formal training and 20% of the time drivers are driving drowsy to meet timelines. Most of these accidents are due to human error and can be easily avoided.

The HumSafer mobile app uses state of the art Artificial Intelligence and technology to help drivers stay safe on the road.

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