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Chief Behavioural Scientist

Vishal George

Vishal is on a mission to make behaviour change tools more accessible for teams to improve the wellbeing outcomes of citizens, customers and communities. His wide portfolio of behaviour change work includes ‘nudges’ for motivating landlords to insulate their houses (EECA), increasing diversity in recruitment (NZ Police) and behavioural designs to improve patient experience with three District-Health Boards (Health Quality & Safety Commission).

As former Head of Behavioural Science at Ogilvy NZ, he applied behavioural insights into the heart of strategy for Starbucks (USA), Adobe (USA), Department of Corrections, Auckland Council, Accident Compensation Corporation, Public Health England (UK), and Westminster Council (UK) and NZ Customs. Vishal holds an MSc in Behavioural Economics from the University of Warwick and hosts the Wellington Behavioural Science & Economics meetup, bringing together academia, public sector and private sector to tackle socially relevant issues.
Lead Wellbeing Designer

Leanna Dey

Leanna is a strategic designer and researcher best known for her work combining behavioural insights and systems-thinking to close the “knowing – doing” gap. She’s been involved in a diverse range of behaviour change projects with Government and services who seek to improve equity, ecological and human wellbeing using participatory approaches.

Her background in learning and experience design has seen her work with Accident Compensation Corporation, Fire and Emergency New Zealand, Wellington City Council and Todd Corporation. Both co-creating nudges to help folks follow through on their best intentions, and de-biasing strategies to nudge systems to work better for people. Her research focuses on integrating compassion competency and behavioural insights into co-design processes, to prevent harm and promote wellbeing. As a neurodiverse person, Leanna is a proud champion of diversity, equity and inclusion in both workplaces and community.

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